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YaCy Maintenance Scripts

Scripts for easily maintaining your YaCy instance


  • Using YaCy on docker
  • Using "yacynet" as docker container name
  • Default Solr collection must be called "collection1"

This requirements are basic to make this scripts work right out of the box. You can make any modifications to the scripts to suit your needs (in case you don't use docker or have different parameters)


Just clone the repo somewhere on your server


You must mount the directory of this project onto your docker container on /scripts directory.

You can also locate it wherever you want and change the wrapper scripts to suit your needs.


Execute the wrapper scripts located at x/, depending on the action you want to do.

This scripts can also be called into a cron job directly

Usage Examples!

./x/blist-add-alldomain google.com          # block entire google.com domain
./x/blist-add-domainonly www.google.es      # block only the given domain/subdomain
./x/clear-rejected-urls                     # clear all rejected URLS

########## ALL lang codes: ar bg ca cz da de el en es eu fa fi fr ga gl hi hu hy id it ja lv nl no pt ro ru sv th tr
./x/purge-by-lang fr                        # purge all URLs by the given language code (example: france)

./x/purge-by-regex amazon.com               # purges all URLs that contains the given string in the DOMAIN part of the URL
./x/terminate-all                           # terminate all crawling tasks right now! (starts different crawling jobs if Auto-Crawl is ON)