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The Great Cloudwall

This repository started as a mirror of https://pad.okfn.org/p/cloudflare-tor (then http://j7652k4sod2azfu6.onion/p/cloudflare-tor and http://j7652k4sod2azfu6.onion/p/cloudflare-philosophy ) list of websites that use cloudflare / are behind the great cloudwall(AKA that use Cloudflare).

It is called this in reference to the Great Firewall of China which does a comparable job of filtering out some people from seeing web content(ie everyone in mainland china and some people outside) while at the same time those not affected to see a dratically different web, a web free of censorship of such images as "tank man".

Cloudflare similarly prevents those in southeast asia and elsewhere who have poor internet connectivity from accessing the websites behind it(for example, they could be behind 7+ layers of NAT) unless they solve a CAPTCHA.

Unfortunately the CAPTCHA they use is NSA/Google's. This poses multiple problems.

  1. This CAPTCHA does not always work(especially for those with accessability issues), and when it doesn't work there is viritually no way for them to complain.
  2. The CAPTCHA's support of languages is very limited, which makes it impossible for those who do not speak whatever default language to access to the content they are looking for. It's also troublesome to the survival of languages worldwide.
  3. This CAPTCHA trains Google's AI, effectively forcing human beings to train an AI. That AI was is owned by a company that in the past made robots that are designed to kill people(ie Boston Dynamics was purchased by Google, and that is their intent, however Google sold Boston Dynamics in 2017). Even though Google may or may not make Asimov-incompatible robots post 2017, Google still can be counted on to be a poor candidate for friendly AI Unfriendly AI is an existential risk to mankind and these CAPTCHAs are making it more likely that this risk will actually come to be by training.

There is more details available in in this repository.

What can you do?

  • If you use one of the websites on this list, contact the webmasters if you still can, and tell them not to use Cloudflare.

  • Tell others around you about the dangers of Cloudflare.

  • Get more people using Tor by default so they can experience the web from the perspective of different parts of the world.

  • Start groups, in social media and meatspace, dedicated to liberating the world from Cloudflare.

  • Start a coop that can provide a meaningful non corporate alternative to Cloudflare or let us know that there is one to at least provide multiple layered defence against Cloudflare.

There are other lists, but this one is one where every entry on the list a human being has actually tried to go to, and been blocked.