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# The Great Cloudwall
The Great Cloudwall is [CloudFlare]( It is called this in reference to the [Great Firewall of China]( which does a comparable job of filtering out *some* people from seeing web content(ie everyone in mainland china and some people outside) while at the same time those not affected to see a dratically different web, a web free of censorship of such images as ["tank man"]( Cloudflare similarly prevents those in southeast asia and elsewhere who have poor internet connectivity from accessing the websites behind it(for example, they could be behind 7+ layers of NAT) unless they solve a CAPTCHA.
This repository is a list of websites that are behind The Great Cloudwall,
websites who human beings have tried to access and have been [either](merely-using-cloudflare.txt) [blocked](cloudflare-list.txt) [from](cloudflare-tor-hostile-list.txt) or [suspect they will be](cloudflare-tor-hostile-list.txt). Or [Cloudflare's competitors](non-cloudflare-list.txt).
There is more details of why what they are doing is wrong available [here](cloudflare-philosophy.txt).
See [FAQ](FAQ) for Frequently Asked Questions
# What can you do?
* see [list instructions](instructions)
* see [our list of recommended actions](what-to-do.txt).
There are [other]( [lists](, but this one is one where every entry on the list a human being has actually tried
to go to, and has been blocked.
# Who uses this list?
At least one search engine / searx [instance](