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# Globalist
Idea: distributed githubless repository sharing. Yes, this is the official home ;-)
Globalist is an attempt to ease the distribution of git repos, away from central points of failure.
Globalist stands for "Global List" and aims at replacing any EtherPads of more than transient value.
Globalist is also meant to evolve into an experimental distributed asynchronous wiki facility.
Nodes can come and go, and network topology only depends on the peers entries in the nodes' config files. Changes that are merged by one's peers propagate by diffusion.
## Usage
Make a new directory and put this in the file ./repo.cfg (when creating a new repository instead of cloning from a peer, the list or indeed the repo.cfg file can remain empty)
peers = <comma-separated list of onion domain names, with or without the suffix .onion>
For a public repository, no authentication is needed (option -X). In case authentication is used, prepend the secret as follows: somebody:secret@peeroniondomainname.onion
For each shared repo, Globalist will create one .onion service.
## To do
set default commit messages
support signed commits