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Plaintext <- oh no! and too. there's and w/o clownflare. ( seems ok)}t [FLOSSp] <= After yesterday complained that each new thread created require Google captcha (in addition to the registration process is tested once), they put their web - site on the CloudFlare * today *. Perhaps it's a coincidence. They are allowed to place a complaint ( . Note that (where sites) Knowledgebase not ClownFucked. New ticket for only created problems for CloudFlare:
annual -> sometimes forwards there? GOD I HATE CLOWNFLARE! -> also clownflared now <= that's a damn shame. We need this site to view other blocked sites. -> -> also clownflared now, sorry for ever having used them. <= you can not alphebetize. "Art" is preceded by "to ask" How about in order to make a stronger clownflared sites database ... and let the computer in alphabetical order ?? <- contacted december 2015 via form (reported as tech problem), no response no response, no change <- assholes just started using CF (oct.2016), just after became bot-hostile. <- ! used by ethereum
bestvpn.c OM
bestvpn.c om <- bitcoin companies should not have MiTMs guarding them. That's just asking to compromise your users, especially when javascript is involved. <= torproject uses the slimeballs < >, along with Paypal, and just keep the fools still feed them. <- custom page - it does not seem to use the tool blacklist the CloudFlare, - no more catpcha, no way to get access to the web - site "The owner of this website ( did not forbid a country or region, your IP - address is in ( TOR) from access to this site. " - Australian (Queensland) Government of Khabarovsk - Crime and Misdonduct commission - charged with investigating corruption - CloudFlare Ray ID: at the moment - at @ Bfree5150 (main site seems to work) (custom unit CloudFlare page) (we could start a petition on to ask unlock torus - made, Tweet to @ jeffcliff1 proposals for wording) forget about them; promotion of its competitors instead (Care2, openpetition etc.). BTW, was a lousy place to put the petition. It is better to file a petition on openpetition. But this is a bad idea anyway b / c it can backfire--, if they are in the white list torus, worse, b / c it feeds Cloudflare and damaging boycott Boycott better when there are good competitors. (really? c'mon) Snowden himself occasionally tweets links to CloudFlare, sadly enough. He's a hero, but not exempt from criticism.. call it out when you see it.
coinm <- was there any doubt? US corporation behind the domain name. <- heavily clownflared. pity <- hosters that rely on cloudflare for their website expose themselves to extreme ridicule ... [FLOSSp] <- one software project, the authors think that a domain name looks professional. No, it does not. No, if it clownflared. it makes you look like an amateur. if it is not cloudflared documentation. -> Page discussoin <-- yet another software project whose authors think a domain name looks professional. no it doesn't. not if it's clownflared. then it makes you look like amateurs. <-- yet another software project whose authors think a domain name looks professional. no it doesn't. not if it's clownflared. then it makes you look like amateurs. if it's cloudflared it ain't documentation. -> discussoin page (see above?) <- alternative cryptocurrency <= bit disappointing twtr user @SwiftOnSecurity uses CF <= I am sure I have it lised. I do not know why he disappeared. Relisting it now. Please note that the owner denies blocking Tor, and seem uninterested in solving the problem. remember the dictum: if it's cloudflared, it ain't documentation ... "automation for everyone" my foot <= rightly so! Keep that asshole in his walled-garden with custom CloudFlare block. Perhaps Torproject should redirect to the site with that photomosaic of cocks that produce Trumps pic :) when that gets elected, it's moot ayway cause what u need then is not Tor, but a nuclear-proof bunker ... <= recently joined the CF walled garden <-- cryptocurrency :( !
e (NSFW) (custom CloudFlare pages block, check the source for Cloudflare JS and rays ID) <= class assignment requires students to visit this CFd page. Not sure what's on that page-- I don't do captchas, so I'm skipping the assignment. <=, they argue that to oppose the "corporatocracy", but happy to feed centalized largest web corporations exist. <= they claim to oppose "corporatocracy", but are happy to feed the biggest centalized web corporation to exist.
fonio <= site is not cloudflared. But on the whole IRC network Tor blocks (without Cloudflare) may be removed from this list. <- EEK! beyond ironic. cloudflare mildew inside the Tor software ecosystem. this is a censorship circumvention tool to be used with Tor and guess what? their fucking HOMEPAGE is clownflared!!!! SOMEONE EDUCATE THESE PEOPLE PLEASE! was about to rejoice because libFTE seems to supersede it? but guess what is CLOWNFLARED TOO! to coin a meme: if it's cloudflared, it ain't documentation. if a FLOSS project's homepage is cloudflared, it's not a homepage but a joke. <= alternative also CFd <- if it's behind the great cloudwall it ain't documentation [FLOSSp] <= mention (the CloudFlare Implemented) TOR's ban on #gnuradio Irc / Freenode, get kicked out of the channel (the guy in charge of the radio wildebeest former military - the Navy, because neoconservatism is not surprising), Note that gnuradio was invited FOSDEM 2017. IMO it's a bad idea for FOSDEM organizers invite Tor-hostile projects, because it presents itself as open to all, and not any - the exclusive corporate fenced garden. Please complain at FOSDEM reps on this occasion .. might PPL must send In principle, it would be good to have an anti-gnuradio demonstration at FOSDEM, but I know that the team is not organized against CloudFlare enough to pull it off. ( concludes with, but the transaction between the bypass CloudFlare. We still need to boycott them both)
h ("DDoS protection by CloudFlare / Ray ID: 321d437f7b26290e")
Hmarivebkcom (this is brand new, there's no excuse) (custom CloudFlare block page) (perhaps they should be awarded the prize for his Ig) (! - the internet/www need defending from Cloudflare!) <= these guys have twitter Acct and intensively used Tinyurl links. They must be pressured to stop using TinyURL. (, seems to work) <-- cf. if it's cloudflared, it ain't documentation. <- Wed if cloudflared, this document does not . (impacts b/c they outsource to <- someone also wrote they don't want regisrations from exitnodes. dumb fuckers. <- oh no! too (custom CloudFlare block page) (only subdomains?) <= was tor-friendly when was not, and they were praised for it. Gave no acknowledgement, then the asshats decided to use CF. Hopeless- promote their competitors instead (care2, openpetition,etc) <- it is better to know SHD
not <- contacted in December 2015 in the form (stated as a technical problem), no response is no response, no change <= is used officially by the Belgian government for the tax rates for FX! Taxpayers do official business should not be forced to use CloudFlare site. <= dipshit hypocrits bitched when they were denied access to the Republican National Convention, yet they use CF to block the people accessing their content. <= "outernet for all " is mentioned on their Twitter Accounts. <= there is abundant alternative to Pastebin, therefore promoting alternatives better than trying to turn Pastebin (only the homepage is CloudFlared - internal pages on the same domain are not CF'd - e.g. If someone knows of alternatives to pastehtml please mention them here <- the great "platform" everyone's talking about and what, no https and clownflared? go FUCK yourselves, this is fucking 2016 <- ! <= a pastebin-like site but for images. Alternative site: imgur <- custom page: ONE MORE STEP <= alternative also CFd <- amazing ... <-- astonishing ... <= Snowden is part of the work "published" on this <= some of Snowden's work is "published" on this site <=? they seem to be on the CF now (checked on 7/1/2017) no longer 2016/08 not anymore 2016/08 <= used by (naive) teachers.. not good to have cloudflare blocking educational material m <= embarrassing! (
s <= Bitcoin exchange. We should be publicly ridculing Bitcoin companies that use the CloudFlare, because the money people at risk (exposed MiTM). Danger w / BTC on CloudFlare is essential. ~> Discussion Page
s (just sign up, and not the entire website breaks through Tor registration)
s they <= a list of devices with a free pre-installed OSs. If you find a replacement site for this information, please refresh this wiki => ( URL Shortener) WILL WHITELIST SOON <= it's whitelisted now. And it's a fuckin' shame b/c it's harder for Tor users to know to boycott them. It's harder to pressure a site to abandon CloudFlare when they know of the whitelisting option. Not good that they will now continue to feed the CloudFlare monster. ~> discussion page (not in itself CloudFlare site, but many of the mirrors links are CloudFlare sites at the top of the page). owner's philosophy assumes that it will oppose the CloudFlare, if informed of this.
thepiratebay.see (Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. 2016/03) <= alternative also CfD
w <- What is it then? to coin a meme: if it's cloudflared, it ain't documentation. <= they claim CF is used so they don't have to clean up spam. They also say no one else complains about the Tor block. [FLOSSp] <- if cloudflared, it is not documentation .
w Odan.Io <= the mods abuse their power on to a great extent. With censorship rampant, there's little hope for them. Better to promote usenet group instead +1 you can't even discuss the format used to store IMEI there. a board where the powers that be have that much influence is no damn good