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Plaintext <- it does not seem to use the tool blacklist the cloudflare, - no more catpcha, no way to get access to the web - site "the owner of this website ( did not forbid a country or region, your ip - address is in ( tor) from access to this site. " <- check the source for cloudflare js and rays id [flossp] <= mention (the cloudflare implemented) tor's ban on #gnuradio irc / freenode, get kicked out of the channel (the guy in charge of the radio wildebeest former military - the navy, because neoconservatism is not surprising), note that gnuradio was invited fosdem 2017. imo it's a bad idea for fosdem organizers invite tor-hostile projects, because it presents itself as open to all, and not any - the exclusive corporate fenced garden. please complain at fosdem reps on this occasion .. might ppl must send in principle, it would be good to have an anti-gnuradio demonstration at fosdem, but i know that the team is not organized against cloudflare enough to pull it off.