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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ at the bottom of the page.
If it does, add to cloudflare-list.txt
(See #5 for format)
(See #6 for format)
2) Some sites use custom page CloudFlare unit.
@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ add them to non-cloudflare-list.txt ( formerly TorBlocker Hall of Shame Part I)
This is a collection of websites that ban Tor exits, other than through Cloudflare (e.g. showing access denied pages, systematic timing out connections, ...).
(See #5 for format)
(See #6 for format)
4) Find a website that has been removed from Cloudflare(possibly due to our
@ -35,13 +35,13 @@ merely whitelisted a single exit node. ( It is slightly more difficult to
control which exit you use - if there are tickets in bug trackers to
enable making this easier please mention them here )
(See #5 for format)
(See #6 for format)
5) Find a website that outright blocks tor users and is confirmed Cloudflare?
Add to cloudflare-tor-hostile-list.txt
(See #5 for format)
(See #6 for format)
6) List format:
@ -58,3 +58,16 @@ Tags:
For example, free software projects w / ClownFucked web pages can be viewed similarly by "anti-function" tags on various free software directories )
* FLOSSp = free libre software project with open source
* CFA(action) = action is one of "boycott", "discouragedonations", "petition", "legalaction" followed by a URL if possible
* INSTANTp = service denial is instant/deferred
* DOSBASIS(basis) = basis is one of "anonymous", "IPregion", "datacenterIP", "residentialIP", "anonymoustor", "anonymousi2p", "anonymousvpn"
* COMMERCIALp(type) = type is one of "true", "false"