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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# In summary, this script does the following.
# 1. Build and sign the full APK variant.
# 2. Remove non-free dependencies from Gradle scripts, and then build and sign
# the free variant.
# 3. Move output files to the specified destination paths.
if [ -z "$JKS_STORE" ] || [ -z "$STORE_PASSWORD" ] || [ -z "$KEY_ALIAS" ] \
|| [ -z "$KEY_PASSWORD" ] || [ -z "$FREE_APK" ] || [ -z "$FREE_MAPPING" ] \
|| [ -z "$FULL_APK" ] || [ -z "$FULL_MAPPING" ];
printf "missing at least one of the following required env variables!\n\n"
printf "JKS_STORE\tbase64 encoded java keystore for signing apks\n"
printf "STORE_PASSWORD\tkeystore's password\n"
printf "KEY_ALIAS\tsigning alias\n"
printf "KEY_PASSWORD\tpassword for the signing alias\n"
printf "FULL_APK\toutput path for full variant apk\n"
printf "FULL_MAPPING\toutput path for mapping.txt of the full variant apk\n"
printf "FREE_APK\toutput path for free variant apk\n"
printf "FREE_MAPPING\toutput path for mapping.txt of the free variant apk\n"
exit 1
function cleanup() {
echo "stopping gradle daemon..."
./gradlew --stop
rm -f keystore.jks
trap cleanup EXIT
trap exit INT
# decode java keystore
echo "$JKS_STORE" | base64 --decode > keystore.jks
# build full variant first
echo "building full apk variant..."
./gradlew assembleFullRelease --stacktrace
# remove non-free deps from the free build but keep the signingConfig
echo "removing non-free dependencies from gradle build scripts..."
sed -i -r -e 's@^(.*)signingConfig(.*)\/\/.*$@\1signingConfig\2@' app/build.gradle
sed -i -e '/sed:free-build:remove/d' build.gradle app/build.gradle
# build free variant
echo "building free apk variant..."
./gradlew assembleFreeRelease --stacktrace
# revert gradle files back to their original state
echo "restoring gradle build scripts to their original state..."
git checkout -- build.gradle app/build.gradle
if [ $GRADLE_EXITCODE_FREE -ne 0 ]; then
printf "\nfailed to build free variant\n" >&2
exit 1
if [ $GRADLE_EXITCODE_FULL -ne 0 ]; then
printf "\nfailed to build full variant\n" >&2
exit 1
# move files to destination paths
echo "moving artifacts to specified destination paths..."
mv -vf app/build/outputs/apk/full/release/app-full-release.apk "$FULL_APK"
mv -vf app/build/outputs/mapping/fullRelease/mapping.txt "$FULL_MAPPING"
mv -vf app/build/outputs/apk/free/release/app-free-release.apk "$FREE_APK"
mv -vf app/build/outputs/mapping/freeRelease/mapping.txt "$FREE_MAPPING"