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A web client to turn Mastodon into a Federated Meeting and Dating platform. This client uses Mastodon API to implement dating App features such as: Meeting people, Profile setup, Preferences, Matching, Chating, Sharing

It is a fork of Pinafore

FediLove is available at love.nogafam.es.

See the user guide for basic usage. See the admin guide if FediLove cannot connect to your instance.

For updates and support, follow @admin@masto.nogafam.es.

Browser support

FediLove supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Compatible versions of each (Opera, Brave, Samsung, etc.) should be fine.


FediLove requires Node.js v8+ and Yarn.

To build FediLove for production, first install dependencies:

yarn --production --pure-lockfile

Then build:

yarn build

Then run:

PORT=4002 node server.js


To build a Docker image for production:

docker build .
docker run -d -p 4002:4002 [your-image]

Now FediLove is running at localhost:4002.


Alternatively, use docker-compose to build and serve the image for production:

docker-compose up --build -d

The image will build and start, then detach from the terminal running at localhost:4002.


To keep your version of FediLove up to date, you can use git to check out the latest tag:

git checkout $(git tag -l | sort -Vr | head -n 1)


FediLove is a static site. When you run yarn build, static files will be written to __sapper__/export.

In theory you could host these static files yourself (e.g. using nginx or Apache), but it's not recommended, because:

  • You'd have to set the CSP headers yourself, which are an important security feature.
  • Some routes are dynamic and need to be routed to the correct static file.

Developing and testing

See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to run FediLove in dev mode and run tests.