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1.2 KiB Simple alert/notifications HTTP API bot

Uses the simple python matrixcli from


Build the image using docker/podman


The bot needs to be joined in a room before using it as a bot, you have to do this manually once, and then configure the ROOM ID on script.

Configure this files to your needs:

./conf/     # for username/password configuration
./conf/auth_tokens   # authentication tokens of the HTTP API (just simple strings)
./bin/bot            # a working script in curl to access the api and send a message
./      # run container with 'docker run', configure to your needs

(Optional) Install the bin/bot by using a hardlink. Choose whatever path you want.

ln -sf $(realpath bin/bot) /usr/local/bin/mtx-alert

Run the container!





echo 'It works!' | ./bin/bot echo 'This looks better, isnt it?' | /usr/local/bin/mtx-alert ./bin/bot "this is the message" /usr/local/bin/mtx-alert "this is another message"

Test API connection with (returns "TEST_OK")

echo test | ./bin/bot