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# this is the path that the object graph will get dumped to (in JSON-LD format),
# you probably shouldn't change it, but you can if you want.
db: relay.jsonld
# Listener
port: 8080
# Note
note: "Make a note about your instance here."
# this section is for ActivityPub
# this is used for generating activitypub messages, as well as instructions for
# linking AP identities. it should be an SSL-enabled domain reachable by https.
host: ''
- ''
- ''
whitelist_enabled: false
- ''
- ''
# uncomment the lines below to prevent certain activitypub software from posting
# to the relay (all known relays by default). this uses the software name in nodeinfo
#- 'activityrelay'
#- 'aoderelay'
#- ''
#- 'unciarelay'